Bad News Bears 1976 Chico Bail Bonds Jersey Players Version

Bad News Bears 1976 Chico Bail Bonds Jersey Players Version
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There's something special about sports movies that bring out the best in people, don't you agree? Have you ever felt that you were a part of the "Team", whether it be a coach, player, or fan? I know that I sure have! It is truly amazing how many fantastic business and personal relationships that I have developed over the years with great people like yourself, simply by wearing this jersey. It's a well known fact......what you choose to wear....indicates your personality to the rest of the world around you. Here's a written review of the movie, and special compliments to Rick Gregory. First of a trilogy of films takes an unflinching look at the underbelly of little league baseball in Southern California. Former minor leaguer Morris Buttermaker is a lazy, beer swilling swimming pool cleaner who takes money to coach the Bears, a bunch of disheveled misfits who have virtually no baseball talent. Realizing his dilemma, Coach Buttermaker brings aboard girl pitching ace Amanda Whurlizer, the daughter of a former girlfriend, and Kelly Leak, a motorcycle punk who happens to be the best player around. Brimming with confidence, the Bears look to sweep into the championship game and avenge an earlier loss to their nemesis, the Yankees. Thanks again Rick for that great review of the movie. For me, I remember when the movie first hit the theaters back in 1976. My friend Eddie and I skipped college classes and watched this movie 8 straight times over three days.... Needless to say, my admiration for this movie's cast and crew is second to none. So, believe me when I tell you, my best effort will be made on providing you the best and most accurate custom Bad News Bears jersey available. Just to give you a recap, here's your 1976 Bad News Bears Roster by name and number: Regi Tower #1, Toby Whitewood#2, Kelly Leak #3, Timmy Lupus #4, Mike Engelberg #5, Jose Agilar #6, Miguel Agilar #7, Jimmy Feldman #8, Alfred Ogilvie #9, Rudi Stein #10, Amanda Whurlitzer #11, Tanner Boyle #12, Ahmad Abdul-Rahim #44. So, who's your favorite player? Well, here's a change to claim your very own premium on-field quality novelty jersey of your favorite movie character. Technically, this jersey features premium quality materials with stitched attached numbers, letters, back and sleeve logos. When ordering, please indicate the front jersey number and size you want in the "notes section" of the "payment form" by choosing either a size Small 36-38; Medium 40-42; Large 44-46; XL 48-50; 2xl 52-54; 3x 56-58; 4xl 60-62. Please add $20 for all jerseys that are sz 3xl or 4xl Youth and Larger sizes available, please inquire. To ensure you get the correct jersey size, please take a mid-section waistline measurement on one of your own best fitting jerseys while laid on a flat surface; then multiply by two. Please don't forget to send us a numerical size and the front jersey number of choice in the "notes section" of the "payment form" and keep checking your emails for the confirmation once you reserve your jersey. Please allow 4-5 weeks for normal delivery in your special size. Rush orders accepted, however, it must accompany faster upgraded shipping. While most of our customers order fiction movie film type jerseys for Halloween or their fantasy sports league, this one is a little different, they will wear this jersey at sporting events, shopping malls, and even wedding ceremonies; many others prefer to proudly display in beautiful frames for their office or home with the inscription of some of the key lines from the movie. This jersey is one of the best ever! Please reserve your order early before the holiday season begins. For more information see